History of
Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine

By Shigeyoshi Gorozaemon Muraoka, dated as the first month of the year 9 in the Meioh era, as well as in the year of kanoesaru (one of 60 sexagenary cycle year) (February, 1500 AD)


Inside Konnohmaru Mikage-do, located in the precinct of this shrine, there is a wooden statue of Konnohmaru carved by himself that he gave to his mother as a bequest when he went to war at the age of 17.
Descendants of the Shibuya clan still live throughout Japan. An elder statesman in the Meiji era, Marshal-Admiral Heihachiro Togo was a descendant of the clan.
The wooden statue of Konnohmaru is specially exhibited at the Konnohmaru Festival held on the last Saturday of March, when Mikage-do is open to the public.

Chronicle of Shibuya Hachiman Daibosatu

Old Chronicles dedicated by the subordinate Aoyama family, the year 2 in the Kansei era (1788)

Treasure Sword of Amakuni

A sword dedicated by Minamoto-no-Yoritomo (the inaugural Shogun of the Kamakura shogunate government)

Sword of Shishimaru

Owned by Kawasaki-Tosa-no-Kami-Motoie

Long-Handled Sword (Japanese halberd) of Dokuja (viper)

Owned by Shibuya-Konnohmaru-Tsunemitsu


A copy of the original shintai or an object of worship

Omikoshi (a portable shrine carried in a festival)

One of the seven portable shrines of Kamakura-Hachimangu, and the oldest portable shrine in the Metropolitan Tokyo area

A Pair of Shishi (Lion) Masks (for a lion dance)

Made by Hidari-Jingoro, a legendary carving craftsman in the beginning of the Edo era.

Rokusonnoh’s Kohgai (a hair styling accessory)

Owned by Rokusonnoh (Minamoto-no-Tsunemoto), dedicated by Minamoto-no-Yoshiie

Framed Writing of Spiritual Title

Authentic writing by a renounced imperial prince Uenomiya

Wooden Plaque Depicting the Legend of Spiking Ogre in Ooeyama

Designated as a tangible folkloric cultural property by Shibuya Ward of Tokyo

Sangaku (a dedicated wooden plaque describing
mathematical problems and/or solutions
by a mathematician/math enthusiast in the Edo era)

Designated as a tangible folkloric cultural property by Shibuya Ward of Tok

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